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Approach to web development

We craft beautiful, fast and secure web applications tailored for your specific business goals. Our development team cover the front-end and back-end of your web application with the most suitable and up-to-date technology stack. We always choose the best development approach and frameworks to satisfy business long-term vision and user expectations.

Front-end frameworks like React, Vue and Angular are used and implemented across multiple projects. Our developers utilise the framework to make sure it can handle required functionality.

On the back-end side we use Node with it’s frameworks like Sails, Express, LoopBack depending on the scope of the project, features, expected traffic, and time and budget.

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    Our area of expertise is delivering results in efficient and timely manner. Our agile approach and frameworks allow us to build products fast. We strive to get our clients best value for their investment.

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    We’ve done more than a hundred various type software projects. This makes us reliable experts who can help you plan and execute projects, as well as notice potential issues before development starts.

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    Your development team at Horion Digital can scale up and down according to your business needs. Agile approach to web development allow us adapt the scope of the project to your needs.

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    Our software and applications are built on cutting-edge technology. This guarantees that your product will  perform well and be future-proof. It will adapt to additional new features according to your business needs.

We were looking for a team of developers that could deliver in terms of quality but also time. Horion Digital exceeded our expectation. Their method of work is nothing like we had with other developers. They take full ownership of the project given the project owner complete peace of mind.
Ibrahima S K Soumano
Why choose us

Here are 8 reasons why you should partner with us

  • Process

    We build processes around quality driven development. Our company follows the agile methodology to stay flexible and grow along with our client’s project. The result is easily scalable product that run fast and deliver business value.

  • Quality

    We use feature branches and Pull Requests to make sure product features are well documented. Our developers use peer code reviews to make sure the code is clean and maintainable. This helps to craft a software that’s easily scalable and bug free.

  • Transparency

    Transparency and communication are key to building software that cuts though mediocrity. Once a week we produce project reports and set priorities for the next iteration. We aways keep our clients in the loop of their project’s progress.

  • Continuity

    We operate since 2011, and have been steadily growing ever since. You can be sure, that a continued support of the project will be available whenever you need it. We are here for the long-run and will be helping with every challenge you have.

  • Agility

    We deliver product to market faster than other companies. At the core of our process is agile workflow, which allow us to deploy working software very early. We build things in weekly iterations, so you can enjoy new working features every weekend.

  • Trust

    We keep your business confidential and are happy to sign NDAs. The code we create belongs to you and you have full access to it from day one. Our contract guarantees that your intellectual property is protected and you are the owner of the IP.

  • Technology

    Our technologies are React.js, Node.js, Objective-C, Java, Vue.js and others. We integrate our software with external services like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, PowerBI and others. We integrate payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Skrill.

  • Security

    Our team have worked on applications for e-commerce, agriculture, financial technology and other systems that require intensive security measures. We always help our clients with code, servers and integrations to make sure everything is safe.

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