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Horion Digital provides UI and UX design services for clients across a range of industries. We have solid processes that help us efficiently execute solution discovery, software blueprints & designs. Our design and software development teams closely collaborate with the client to discover solutions that benefit the business and users.

UI / UX design services

Mobile UX/UI design services

Our UI/UX experts have experience designing UI/UX for smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices. These devices represent a significant portion of their user base for modern software developers, and their prominence is only continuing to grow. It’s essential that your UI/UX is optimised for mobile devices. Horion Digital can ensure optimal mobile performance.

Cross-platform design

Cross-platform UI/UX optimisation makes your software much more versatile and opens up whole new worlds of possibility. With Horion Digital’s dedicated development team of UI/UX experts, you can be confident that your software will perform as it should across multiple platforms.

UI/UX consulting

Our UI/UX consultants are on-hand to offer your developers the holistic advice and guidance they need to produce a winning user experience on every subsequent project if you are looking for a staff augmentation approach that will lead to long-term gains, our UI/UX consulting service is a fantastic choice.

Web design services

Whether you are designing web apps or an interactive website for your business, your UI and UX design will be a key factor in determining its usefulness for your users. Many of the UI/UX design principles are the same for web design, but there are also some unique aspects we can help you understand.

UX writing

Every time you are using a website or other digital product, you are facing some UX microcopy. In Horion Digital we intend to create a seamless dialog between product and customer. Our goal is to encourage usage with empathetic and easy-to-read texts and designs. Good UX copy should be intuitive and seamless, answering all the questions and guiding users through your product. Product success depends on how a user feels about your website, so UX writing is an important strategic decision.

Design system

A design system consists of a library and documentation and includes your brand’s visual assets, logo, fonts, and colors. A design system also includes UI components, their documentation, and code snippets to facilitate developers using them across existing products. Using a design system may help to reduce coding cost, speed up development and help scale products with consistency. We can work with many design systems (e.g. Ant Design), extend them or create your unique brand design system to best represent your company.

UX research

We are passionate about user experience design, so we base all of our decisions on UX Research. We start with market research, user interviews, decision-makers interviews, apply design sprints, test all of our solutions and follow up with monitoring solutions. While using these (and many other) methods, we tend to get closer to users and fulfill their needs.



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