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With dedicated teams, we help our clients build exceptional products and software solutions. We provide expert guidance across all project stages from ideation to execution. Our senior experts crunch each problem regardless of the project stage. There has never been a solution we could not build. Just shoot us a problem and we will get back to you with a couple of solutions.

Problem solving is in our DNA

We have been solving problems for more than 10 years. Some problems were solved by applying strict processes and best coding practices, some – with great communication skills. But most of them required brainpower. Problem-solving is a muscle that is well trained in our company and we continue in doing so every day.

Software development services

Diverse, motivated, experienced and agile software development teams to make your software problems go away once and for all.

“I have been working with Horion Digital since they started and am continually delighted with the dedication to meet a brief, their range of skills and their excellent customer service.”
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Hans de Kretser

Software development process

In Horion Digital we believe, that best results can be achieved only by following good processes and best practices.


Agricultural business management application

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“Our client Ministry of Snus wanted to launch a new product line to open up a new customer base. We chose Horion Digital to develop a custom interactive 3D product builder on the site. Our client was thrilled with the delivered results. That’s why we decided to work with HD for stage 2 of the same project.”
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Camilla Wedege Kristensen
Art Director on!Ad

Benefits of having us on board

Coding is just the last thing we do. We follow strict processes and moral norms which we harnessed over the years of programming. You can’t buy that and install it into your organization. But you can have us on board.


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