Quality Assurance (QA)

ISTQB Certified software testing services

Developing software is an imperfect process. Even the most talented coders will make mistakes; the more complex their code, the more likely bugs/oversights occur. Horion Digital’s software testing and quality assurance services will root out any issues with your software and enable you to iron out any bugs before you push your final build out the door. Our QA experts offer both automatic and manual testing. We will dig deep beneath the surface to identify any bugs in your code and ascertain their precise cause. We don’t just find the bugs; we eliminate them, leaving behind clean, working code.

Benefits of quality assurance and software testing services


Case study

Automated Testing for Gillette US BigCommerce website

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Our QA testing services

Regardless of the industry our clients operate in or their software’s core functions, they all have the same goal; to deliver a working application to spec with as few bugs as possible. The range of QA services we provide gives you the best possible chance of achieving this.

“Horion digital is the key partner in our business. They guided us through the product MVP development process, then helped scale the business to support millions of customers over the last 4 years. We now do 200,000 monthly transactions and raise additional £2 million for growth.”
Ibrahima S K Soumano
Founder and CEO

QA testing lifecycle


– Requirements: This is where we identify the requirements of our clients and their objectives.

– Planning: Once we know what our clients want to achieve, we can then move on to formulating a plan for meeting those objectives and allocating appropriate resources.

– Analysis: Analysis involves establishing precisely what we will be testing. This will depend on the complexity and structure of the software.

– Design: Now we know what we are testing, we can think about how we will test it.

– Execution: With our testing protocols designed and ready to go, it’s time to execute them.

– Evaluation: After executing our testing protocols and generating QA reports, the evaluation process can begin. Depending on the conclusions we draw, we can either conduct further testing or present the client with our findings.


Why Horion Digital as a QA provider?

Horion Digital has provided QA services to a range of clients across a multitude of industries. Our team has extensive experience in testing products in the following industries: E-commerce, Fintech, E-health. Here are just some of the reasons clients keep coming back to us.

Our QA team is ISTQB Certified

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