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We provide DevOps solutions to businesses, enabling them to maximise the efficiency of their software development. Learn more about DevOps as a service today. Inefficient in-house software development processes can sap a business’s budget to virtually nothing. Like many other specialised areas of IT, software development is a prime target for service providers. Horion Digital’s DevOps as a service (DaaS) offering enables businesses to take advantage of our SCRUM and agile expertise to optimise their delivery pipeline and ensure they are developing software efficiently and consistently. After conducting an initial assessment, we implement automation and management features where necessary. By adding automation to your existing setup, we can help you free up resources and refocus them on key areas of your in-house IT.

DevOps benefits


– Get your products to market quicker.

– Use continuous integration and delivery to continually improve and refine your software.

– Reduce the overall costs of each software development project you take on.

– Stay on top of your users’ evolving tastes and expectations, and respond to any changes in the market promptly and decisively.

– Centralised log management.

– 24/7 tracking and monitoring.

– Gain a more accurate picture of your anticipated ROI on DevOps activities.

– Horion Digital offers decades of combined experience amongst our DevOps teams.

– DevOps services are provided with the oversight of senior developers.

– Experienced analysts know how to maximize the efficiency of the DevOps services we provide.

– The improved efficiency that DevOps as a service provides makes it much easier for developers to hit their deadlines and make their preferred release windows.


Our DevOps services

As a software development service provider, we offer a range of DevOps services to businesses in numerous sectors. With the right DevOps groundwork in place, dev teams can easily work at maximum efficiency. We offer developers a dedicated team to work with, ensuring that there is always someone on hand who understands your business and your needs. By analysing your existing activities and their effectiveness, we can provide you with both technical and practical advice for achieving your goals.

DevOps as a Service Implementation

Having a plan in place for your DevOps is great, but it is only half of the puzzle. The implementation of that plan is an entirely separate proposition. Horion Digital ensures a smooth implementation process so your developers can hit the ground running and immediately start benefiting from the DevOps services we provide. A DevOps implementation plan is an ongoing process; it is never truly finished. As your business’s goals and practices change with time, so does the ideal DevOps set up to help you achieve them. We will continue to work with your business to reassess your goals and ensure you have everything you need to work towards them.

DevOps Consulting Services

Horion Digital’s end-to-end DevOps consulting services are an essential part of the service we provide. Our consultants will assess the current state of your business and provide a unique plan of action based on your individual circumstances. From planning to producing a realistic roadmap, our consultants ensure you are receiving the right services, delivered in the most effective way possible. We will support your developers until they have achieved their objectives. Our consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in the DevOps as a service space. They are always on-hand to offer their thoughts and advice when you need them.

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