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What is data analytics as a service?

Data analytics as a service consists of web-based services that analyze big data. Instead of investing in the expensive hardware required to perform advanced data analytics in-house, businesses can instead utilize DAaaS to access advanced data analytics capabilities at a fraction of the usual cost. Access is provided on a subscription basis, meaning that businesses pay monthly or annually instead of paying a lump sum upfront. By enabling businesses to spread out the costs of accessing data analytics services, Data analytics service providers offer a service that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Data Analytics Solutions

BI services

Business intelligence, or BI is a branch of data analytics concerned with using data to inform corporate decision-making and strategising. Our BI services enable businesses to assess what has occurred in the past and how it impacts the present. The insights gained from Business intelligence analyses can be used to inform predictions, but the primary purpose of BI is to identify trends and patterns after they have occurred. Horion Digital can design analytics applications that are tailored for business intelligence. All you need to do is supply the data.

ETL services

Extract, transform, load services, more commonly known as ETL provide a process for acquiring, reviewing and changing, and processing data before it is loaded into databases. ETL services are essential for ensuring that you are analyzing useful data that is properly formatted. Without the ETL process, effective data analytics becomes much more difficult. ETL doesn’t refer to any specific tool; it is a process for extracting data, ‘cleaning’ it and loading it into a database ready for subsequent analysis. Horion Digital can help your business establish a reliable process for putting data through the ETL process before you analyze it. Data analytics is a powerful tool for any modern business. Horion Digital can help you get started with data analytics and provide the tools you need to mine your data for valuable insights. Call us today to discuss your business needs and find out how we can help meet them.



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