A set of practices and procedures that aim to improve future product development. Having a good DevOps groundwork ensures that your dev teams work as efficient as possible, maintenance costs are reduced as environment stability is increased. This means that there are freed-up resources for other business ventures.
Our dedicated team work closely with you to fully understand your business and business needs, we analyse your existing business activities and discuss where you want to go.
We then demonstrate the best way for you to achieve your goals both technologically and practically. This close way of working ensures that we fully understand your needs and you can be reassured throughout.


  • Increased performance of your dev teams

  • Decreased expenses on maintenance

  • Accelerated product improvements and feature delivery

  • Sped-up issue resolve time

  • Improved stability of environments

  • Freed-up resources for other business activities


What we do

  • Consulting

    Planning product’s infrastructure. Consulting on the best services for the development. Minimizing deployment issues. This is the foundation for smart platform development and optimal cost-cutting.

  • Server setup

    Setup of development, staging and production servers. Their configurations including OS and software installations. If needed, load balancing setup is implemented, which allows for optimal performance even under extraordinary conditions.

  • Deployments

    Setup of automatic code compilation and upload to server. This saves developers’ time and allows them focus on the things that really matter – quality code.

  • Databases

    Setup of databases for every environment (dev, staging, prod). Configuration of different access levels for various employees. Automatic backups.

  • Logs

    Setup of logging for all sub-systems such as SQL, NGINX, NODE/JAVA/.NET. This ensures that any potential issues are easy to figure out and fix. Also, anything out of ordinary will also be logged, so if there is any need, it can be backtracked.

  • Tracking

    Setup of API and website request tracking. This allows to track user behavior within the platform, quickly find issues and resolve them in a timely manner. We use Moesif system for this purpose.

  • Alerts

    Setup of live system alers. Real-time dashboard that shows if server is up and running, what are the loads on RAM/CPU. Email or sms notifications will alert of any issues.

  • Cache

    Setup of cache services to improve performance and usability. Services such as Elastic are used.

  • Imports

    Setup of automatic data imports from third-party systems. Even though this is mostly development work, DevOps helps by allocating technical resources, automations.

  • Security

    Integrating security and DevOps teams. Setting up a groundwork for secure development. Making sure there will not be any hardcoded passwords, misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

  • Licences

    Automatic licences tracking and renewal. This ensures that services are up and running without any potential downtimes due to expired licences.

  • On-going support

    On-going maintenance of items such as SSL renewals, upkeep of servers.

“I’ve been working with Horion Digital for five years already. They have always delivered the best results and quality.”
Henry Gresson
Director & Co-founder