It doesn’t matter whether your site is being accessed via a Phone, PC, Mac or iPad, your website will work just the same and with impressive speed and efficiency.

The customer facing front-end

The front page of your website is your shop window, your face to the customer. This is how you sell yourself and promote your business, it all starts here and it’s your moment to shine! This is also where the customer will form their opinion of you, where they will choose whether to continue or leave the site.
Your homepage has to be slick, engaging and visually appealing. Research by the Neilsen Norman Group found that if someone is going to leave a site, they will do so in the first crucial 10-20 seconds. The way your homepage works, looks and directs customers, is wholly reliant on the code that’s running behind it. It must be efficient, seamless and clutter free, it should operate at its optimum.


We are experts in understanding both UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design, which include both strategy and content. We develop content so it best fits the user in a way which works for them. The user experience is the thing that makes it enjoyable and usable and is concerned with how it makes people feel.
Our expert design teams make sure that your user interface is as visually appealing as it can possibly be, making it as enticing to the customer as possible.


“Working with Horion Digital was a pleasure from the design to the development process. They know what they’re doing and will do their best to go the extra mile, if it means you’re happy with the product!”
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