Whilst there are plenty of CMS systems on the market to choose from, they tend to be off the shelf and require a certain level of understanding from the user. Do you know fully how it works, do you know how it will work alongside your other existing technologies?
We can help you understand these questions and work through the best solutions for you, more importantly, we can create a CMS from scratch, purpose built to fit the precise needs of your business.


We pride ourselves in our CMS customisation skills. By this we mean that we can take an existing well known product and adapt it so that that it works for you and your business.
We are often asked if we can add extra elements to existing Content Management Systems such as WordPress. A customer may ask for e-commerce capability to be plugged in to work alongside other features, such as automated customer contact tools, a newsletter, email and SMS distribution for example.
They may also ask for extra analytical tools such as business intelligence, (BI)reporting or A/B homepage testing. When you start adding all of these extra bits of technology, it can very quickly become a very complex and cumbersome project if not managed properly.


“I have been working with Horion Digital since they started and am continually delighted with the dedication to meet a brief, their range of skills and their excellent customer service.”
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