Senditoo Ltd
IT Consultancy, UI&UX, Design, Front-end & Back-end Development


London based startup Senditoo had a functioning MVP prior choosing Horion Digital as their technology partners. Two entrepreneurs, Ibrahima and Takwana bootstrapped the product to test the market and get feedback from users.

6 months after launch, the decision was made to build a new platform from scratch. Ibrahima approached Horion Digital and discussed opportunity to become their technical partners and take product development process in their hands.


Ibrahima and Takwana had a market knowledge and clearly understood their customer’s needs. To extract their knowledge in orderly manner, which would have value for the entire development process, we started with research and discovery sessions.

R&D gave us a clear vision of what had to be built. We already knew the best industry examples and worst pitfalls, list of valuable features and ideal customer profiles we should follow.

Our UX consultant designed user flow maps for every major activity and built a map of the entire product. After, the agile wireframing and user interface design phases, the tech team built bulletproof API, feature rich admin panel and responsive user side web app.


Over a period of 3 months Horion Digital helped to plan, design and develop entire Senditoo platform.

To reduce a product to market time and support users who browse with mobile devices – our team adapted the web app to a range of different screen sizes.

To support Senditoo’s growth and entrance to new markets, the platform has multi-language, coupon and affiliate program features.

Customer acquisition, retention and user experience improvements were addressed by integrating a range of 3rd party leading industry tools. Senditoo is ready for a sustainable user growth and new service releases in the future.

Defending Valuable Features

Together we planned the research phase with the 5S UX consulting strategy. We closely collaborated with a client from the day 1 and approached the entire development process with Agile Scrum methodology.

A proactive communication culture was created with continuous daily delivery of key UX pillars like market research findings, user stories & journey plans, platform map and wireframes. As a result, Senditoo uncovered new useful product features. These sessions helped to prevent any big project scope changes down the road.

Responsive Experience

Having behavioural and economical constraints, it was clear that we had to build a responsive product. Research and Discovery phase gave us a good understanding of the typical SendiToo customer. Our partner Ibrahima provided us insightful demographical, geographical and behavioural information about the users.

Besides that, everyone understood the importance of the mobile experience. Google claims that people spend around 177 minutes per day on their phones. What’s not enough the startup had to reduce the spending on mobile apps, so we had to design a hassle free mobile experience for the mobile browsers.

All our expectations about the importance of responsiveness for SendiToo were confirmed 2 weeks after the launch. The product data showed that 80% of the site users browsed through their mobile devices.

User Interface Design Goals

Our approach was to design with perspective of the users. They preferred simplicity and clarity over fancy user interfaces that required a deeper knowledge and understanding of the web. Our main goals were:


Around 80% of customers were coming from mobile devices. We needed to create a mobile experience that converted and was easy to use.


The challenge was to allow for easy navigation of top-up process and account management panel without becoming overwhelming.


We had to design interfaces that users can trust and know how to use by the first look. It also had to convert and deliver value for business.

Powerful Third Party Integrations

Quick and effortless user support and continuous product improvement are the key areas, which we suggest to focus for our partners. We implemented a range of tools, which allow to help users in real time and have a visual information of their problems.

With this approach we enabled Senditoo’s support engage with customers on the spot of their struggle. This is especially handy, when Senditoo’s support can have a real time conversation and also see what problem the customer is experiencing by viewing their entire session within the product.

This also helps to continuously feed the product backlog with important user interface and functionality updates.

Rich Admin User Panel

It’s a CEO’s dream to get all data about the product performance in one place, or help that frustrated customer with a few mouse clicks. We dedicated time and effort to help plan how automate the SendiToo management and save time on key daily tasks.

Together we designed a dashboard, which can provide the most important information about the business within a selected period of time. It also serves as a daily management tool, which allows the administrator quickly skim through information and see if indicators do not signal any unusual or malicious activity within the product.

Other useful functionality includes user account management and daily or monthly transaction allowance limits, user verification, promotion codes generation, affiliate program management and platform credit feature. We also improved the communication among the key stakeholders by allowing to export any information in various formats.


There’s always more than meets the eye. Senditoo is packed with features and best development practices that can’t be seen. It all adds up to a product performance which delivers WOW experiences for the users.


Amazon CF CDN accelerates delivery of Senditoo’s website and web application assets. It easily integrates with other tools we are using for the product.


Holds all static resources including angular app itself. Amazon S3 servers are optimised for serving static files, therefore it’s perfect for Angular App.


This service was chosen for Sendtioo’s API. It is easily scalable and maintainable, which will not become a bottleneck when app’s traffic grows.


With modular approach, we used Node to make Senditoo future proof. It will not restrict us for a single server and will be easy to update or upgrade.


Trustworthy enterprise level database which is perfect for dealing with high loads of data. Therefore it will sustain the app’s growth at various rates.


This is a relatively new technology, which proved its scalability nature and performance under massive traffic. A good substitute for Apache.

Bright Future

Senditoo’s platform rebuild had an incredible impact on the startup. Along with huge efforts of Sendtitoo co-founders, it helped to attract new investors and get media coverage around the world. What is more important, with the new product the company increased revenues by 600%, when compared to old version over the same timeframe.