NOMI – combining beautiful furniture and sustainability. The company was born out of a desire to honor craftsmanship and the honesty of material. NOMI is a celebration of artisanship and innovation, in the home, workplace, and other spaces where people gather.
As the company continued growing, scaling product range meant generating 1000s of images for new products and options with the old solution.
To keep up with the market trends the platform needed to include time-saving tools for key users and improvements in UX, interfaces, design.
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The early stages of platform planning began by researching the market, e-commerce trends, and possible solutions, to bring the best user experience.
Decisions were made to further research the available web 3D modeling frameworks to allow products to be customized while getting a real-time 3D product view within the platform. User research showed that more than half of NOMI customers were interior designers.
Conversations with interior designers performed by Nomi founders led to potentially beneficial internal project management and quoting tool ideas, which would help interior designers in their process of selling Nomi furniture. Multiple design sprints were handled to absorb the information and put it into tangible product form.


We aimed to reach the best user-focused solution, so we applied 5 design thinking process stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.
Before we could establish a sitemap and start the design process, we needed to understand the general direction of the platform and what purposes it will serve.
After sketching on white board and pieces of paper for around 80 hours, we managed to come up with a site tree and a process for the entire platform and pass it on for designer.
We applied modern design thinking techniques: workshops, design sprints, crazy 8s, and user interviews.
The most critical areas that consumed a lot of our time during the wireframing process were: the checkout area activities and the inner platform’s client-side functionality.


The new Nomi e-commerce platform now has a lot of useful features for both – customers and business owners.
The business owners can add and manage new product 3D models, live editing options, pricing of the materials, and other variables that go into visualization, manufacturing, and delivery process. The users are now able to enjoy a better product 3D model rendering quality and real-time platform feedback, more product options, and better site experience through desktop and mobile devices.
Interior designers can use Nomi’s custom quoting tool, and improve their communication and shorten the time to project completion. The new Nomi platform build led to a 300% increase in revenue over the same time compared with the old platform version.

Business Side

Nomi became one of the leading flat-pack designer furniture sellers in Australia after their successful launch of an e-commerce platform that allowed product customization.
From the business side, the new admin functionality brought invaluable features that enabled the company easier and quickly manage their products, pricing, manufacturing, and shipping.
Time-saving and extracted customer value come through flexible scenario-based pricing decisions. The platform allows to price manufacturing materials, different product options, option combinations, or even actions and requests.

Featured Technologies

Our app is supported by a carefully selected technology stack. We select services that are the best match for the client’s business.


    Holds all static resources including the angular app itself. Amazon S3 servers are optimized for serving static files, therefore it’s perfect for Angular App.


    With a modular approach, we used Node to make NOMI technology future-proof. It will not restrict us to a single server and will be easy to make future updates or upgrades.


    Amazon CF CDN accelerates delivery of NOMI website and web application assets. It easily integrates with other tools we are using for the product.


    Trustworthy enterprise-level database which is perfect for dealing with high loads of data. Therefore it will sustain the app’s growth at various rates.


    This is a relatively new technology, which proved its scalability nature and performance under massive traffic. A good substitute for Apache.


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