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Automated Testing for Gillette US BigCommerce website



Gillette US BigCommerce e-commerce website has an international software development team working in different timezones.
The team implements new features and fixes bugs. The software engineers did not have a quality assurance process to provide a quick feedback on the pushed new code to the production website and to prevent conflicts between work done in different time zones.
Horion Digital built an automation framework from scratch to ensure critical business functions are working as expected every time the site is updated with new code.
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About the project

Gillette has been one of the world’s best-known and most trusted brands since the 20th century. The company provides safety razors, shaving supplies, and other personal care products. Gillette sells various products online through its ecommerce website built on the BigCommerce platform.
Each day, software engineers work around the clock to improve the website and meet customer needs. Every time a new software build is released, a manual software testing team looks for bugs. It is difficult to maintain this process due to the rapid pace of changing customer needs and requirements as well as the work of an international team in different time zones.
Our goal is to help Gillette US BigCommerce set up a QA process that provides fast feedback on the quality of the e-commerce site and this QA process can be used in different time zones every time it’s needed.


Our strategy was to create an automated testing framework for an agile software development project that could provide fast feedback on quality.
Automated tests can be used when new code is being pushed or when software engineers require automated testing.
We analyzed the e-commerce website and identified the most critical business flows We automated the most critical business processes to ensure everything works if a new code push is released.
By automating the positive and negative user flows, we ensured that all validations were being performed as expected.
We integrated automated tests into CI/CD pipelines, so that automated tests can be triggered when a new code change occurs and fast feedback can be provided.
Slack notifications have been integrated with visual image and video reports, so that engineers can easily see where issues are and can be fixed quickly and effectively.

Automated Tests Implementation Results

Positive changes to the product development process occurred, when automated tests were implemented.
Once automated tests were implemented, QA processes became smooth and well-rounded. Testing has been performed manually and automatically to ensure the highest level of software quality.
Manual testers were able to focus more on exploratory testing instead of repetitive testing of the key business functions thanks to the automated tests; testing became more efficient and faster
The developers could easily identify issues. As a result, this accelerated the development process
Daily automated testing of the e-commerce site helped to find edge bugs and to better understand it, which led to improvements and a better user experience.

Technologies & tools used in this project


  • Cypress

    Cypress framework is a JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework built on top of Mocha – a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and convenient.

  • Bitbucket

    Bitbucket Cloud is a Git based code hosting and collaboration tool, built for teams. Bitbucket’s best-in-class Jira and Trello integrations are designed to bring the entire software team together to execute on a project.


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