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How To Improve Web App Experience


In this blog post I will review 2 tools that when combined together are a killer product improvement and customer support machine. We are using this combination to help our startup clients understand how people use their products and turn strangers into loyal customers.

First of the products that we fell in love with is Full Story. In a nutshell, Full Story is a product that allows web app or website owners view entire sessions of their product users in video format.


There are several scenarios where we used it and it worked out well.

First, Full Story helped us understand how the users use our client’s existing product and obtain insight about problems they have with the product. After viewing a number of Full Story videos it is easy to notice trends. When the time comes for upgrades and changes, FullStory saves hours and hours on wasted planning, design and development effort. It helps avoid building stuff that no one will use.


Another scenario where Fullstory did its job is showing how users interact with newly built products. In the beginning we plan, design and develop based on our past experience, market trends research and existing competitor products. All we do is predict, we can’t be sure for a fact whether the user will understand everything easily. Well, Fullstory provide a clear view after the launch.


First two months after the launch are incredibly scary and fun to see people using the product in the way no-one expected. It also helps to gather a lot of visual info and fill up the product backlog with product changes that will actually have an immediate positive effect on the experience. It works, we used it and loved it.

Another great tool helps web or mobile app owners communicate with users in real-time and help them convert. It doesn’t sound different than any other live chat product until you hear this. Intercom has an extensive engagement settings panel, and help you re-engage with your customers based on custom scenarios. So you’ve got both fields covered and all data about individual customer’s activity stored in one place.


We found Intercom very useful when setting up real time chat triggers on product selection or payment section of our client’s web apps. For example if the user spends more than 1minute the page or if any of the forms return an error message – live chat trigger and send user an automated message. Response rate is high, and in this way we are obtaining new customers.


Another case where automated and personalized re-engagement is used in it’s finest form is by bringing in some contextual information based on previous user’s interaction within the platform. We did this to encourage users to buy the product again, by sending an email and telling what he or she did in the past, and if now is the right time to do it again.


Killer Combination of FullStory and Intercom

Yes, we found a mutual ground for FullStory and Intercom to support each other towards a greater goal – better customer experience!

So listen carefully, with the Intercom you can set-up custom triggers based on your requirements, and start live chat with the customer. Now imagine, that during this time, while you’re chatting you can also see what the very same customer is doing in real-time. When Intercom and FullStory are integrated properly, you can see a Fullstory button with a link to live session video in Intercom window.


Hope this post was useful and you will give these great products a try!