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Custom Business Applications – Losers and Winners



Organizations build custom applications to support and automate their day to day activities or provide greater value for their existing customers. Web, mobile and cloud technologies enabled entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises to own custom built, relatively low cost software tailored specifically for their needs.


Custom Business Apps Are For Winners

You can say ‘hasta la vista baby’. The times where custom enterprise software is expensive and not accessible for small businesses or individuals are over.

The most recent innovations and democratisation of technologies provided tools for the small to make impact that’s big. Every small and medium sized enterprise now can have their own custom built application. And it’s not big boys’ game anymore.The sooner enterprises understand this, the better off they will be.

Guess, why all successful startups attract so many people and are valued for billions? They solve problems which weren’t seen by the businesses that truly had expertise in this field.

Uber. A startup vs a huge taxi company, Uber wins, because you can get a taxi with a click of a button, without having to talk to pissed off operators and wonder when your taxi is going to come.

Your business vs the competitor. You lose if other enterprise use software and deliver greater value for their customers. You lose if other enterprise operate more efficiently with the help of custom built apps.


Why Custom Apps Are Affordable for Everyone

The numbers of businesses that build their own web and mobile applications are skyrocketing. It’s all because of recent developments in various industries. Smartphone devices, operation systems and development tools for iOS and Android. Modern web coding frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS, SailsJS and others which allow to build custom business applications rapidly.

It is fascinating to see the most creative ways entrepreneurs use technology to make their business more valuable for their customers.


The Same Happened With Websites

The pattern of  how software and applications became accessible for everyone, reminds of websites in the old days. Just think how a decade ago having a website, or at least a good looking website required a big investment and therefore it wasn’t something that every company or individual could afford. Look around now. There are hundreds of platforms where you can build a website even though you aren’t a coder or designer.Having a website became a norm for every public figure, professional, startup, small business etc. 


Invest in Your Clients

Our clients – redefined the experience of buying high quality designer furniture. Sydney based startup built a platform, which allow customers personalise the furniture and purchase it online. The company is experiencing a rapid growth and huge success.

What can your business learn from this successful company? Deliver more value for your customers by understanding what it is they are looking for. Understand, and give them the tools. It’s all about the giving the value in order to receive the value back.

Elite Chauffeur – chauffeur services company based in Edinburgh, recently got their new cloud business application from Horion Digital in partnership with Internet Creation. Web application automates orders, manage professional drivers, provide instant notifications about the new orders for the drivers, generate invoices after the orders are complete. Staff time saved and value for customers delivered goes up. The value returns back through increased number of orders, customer satisfaction and referrals.


Why Custom  Business Applications Work

Custom business applications save time or help organization deliver greater value for their customers. It works because every company can build their own custom application. It can be unique and deliver value in it’s own way. Because of the rapid technology and coding frameworks development, the costs of custom business applications are going down. What used to cost millions, now can be built for tens of thousands.

We encourage company owners view potential business management app ideas as investment. It brings a new way of seeing their activities. Improvements and efforts never go unnoticed by team or customers, especially when those efforts result in saved time and improved experience.

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