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4 Best Wireframing and Protoyping Tools


Every year there are tens of new prototyping and wireframing apps coming out. However, the ones that currently exist seems to just be getting better.

The tools which I will list below can be used for different purposes and it really depends on your situation. Who you’re doing the prototype for, what is the purpose and what is the desired outcome. You’ll notice that some prototyping tools will offer a lot of interactivity while the others will result in plain images.

So let’s get started and see what prototyping tools are out there, and their features.


1. Balsamiq



Balsamiq mockups is a very easy to use rapid wireframing tool. Hence the word rapid, because the learning curve is very low and this app allows users sketch out their application or website ideas very quickly.

This prototyping tool aims to provide sketching experience and they do it very well. At Horion Digital we often use this with our clients, because they don’t get distracted by design details and pay attention only to the structure and idea of the digital product.


2. Axure



This app allow to create detailed wireframes with boxes, placeholders, shapes and text. This wireframing application is very easy to use, most of the elements are managed by simply dragging and dropping.

You can use master feature to quickly recreate reusable elements in your prototypes such as headers, footers, menus, sidebars etc. Once it is properly setup you will be building new wireframes in no time.

Axure prototpying tool allows to create HTML / Javascript prototypes with literally a single click of a button. Prototypes can be viewed in browsers and hosted on servers  – accessible to everyone in the team through the link. You can share the completed prototypes through AxShare, which is native Axure service.


3. Hotgloo



Hotgloo is both, prototyping and wireframing tool. It has simple and straightforward interface which makes objects selection and placement very easy. It allows real time collaboration with the team.

Using this wireframing tool it is reasy to link elements into  pages and pages into sitemap. This protyping app has a chat feature which I haven’t seen in other applications. Hotgloo prototyping application helps user experience designers to better collaborate with both – team and customer.


4. UXPin



Much like Balsamiq, UXPin is perfect wireframing tool for those starting off with user experience design. UXPin offers a complete toolkit of useful design elements and patterns – everything you need to create a fully rendered design.

It makes responsive design very easy. That’s the strength of this prototyping app. The breakpoints will allow user experience designers create responsive prototypes and wireframes that will look great on multiple devices and resolutions.

Builtin functionality allows to collaborate with team mates, clients and stakeholders to exchange ideas, discuss solutions and examine the design from different perspectives.