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We provide consulting, development, funding and legal help for early stage startups

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Horion Digital help entrepreneurs to plan, design and develop their startup ideas. What’s more – our network of investors, legal advisers and other startup founders provide unique opportunity to get funding, reduce development costs and get experienced mentors…

Startup tech plan

We help to uncover key moneymaking aspects of your startup and reduce the clutter that happens during the idea stage when everything is rainbows and unicorns. Furthermore, we help create functional wire-frames, mockups, user stories and UI


Design stage is where all the mockups and user stories take shape. We work fast in short iterations and don’t look back until we have some real data from user testing.


This is our area of expertise, we provide a team of DELTA force level developers that build initial APIs, frontends, admin tools and integrations. All done in a way to be scalable and able to be supported by other developers in the future. We also establish strict development workflows that allows to manage a growing startup.


We partner with fund raising firms that are looking for viable investments in early stage startups.

Legal services

We partner with legal firms to help you take advantage of various deductions and rebates available for R&D spending.


Our growing network of startups that we have worked with can be leveraged if there is a need for advice and mentorship.

Ibrahima S K Soumano

Co Founder - CEO,
  • We were looking for a team of developers that could deliver in terms of quality but also time. Horion Digital exceeded our expectation. Their method of work is nothing like we had with other developers. They take full ownership of the project given the project owner complete peace of mind.
    They do not just wait for requirements, they also pro-actively contribute with fantastic ideas. After we relaunch, we plan on making Horion Digital our long term technology partner as they now form an integral part of our business.

Daniel Joshua

  • Working with Horion Digital was a pleasure from the design to the development process. They know what they’re doing and will do their best to go the extra mile, if it means you’re happy with the product!

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Restaurant Commerce and Management App

Managing orders from online user and customers in house.

London, United Kingdom

Yoobi Sushi is a fast growing sushi restaurant chain in London, with several restaurants located in the central London areas like Soho and Oxford street. Owners at Yoobi Sushi were looking to build a responsive e-commerce web app along with business process management tools. We worked with Yoobi Sushi team members Laurent and Joshua to build a custom business tool that will support their fast paced growth for the years to come.



Building and launching a startup in 3 months.

London, United Kingdom

Horion Digital became technical partners of the SENDITOO - a fintech startup, which is led by serial entrepreneurs Ibrahima S K Soumano and Takwana Tyaranini. Our goal was to rebuild the service experience and technology. Over a period of 3 months we reimagined, redesigned and developed an entirely new product. Read about this story now.